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TEAMS for Medical Missions


  Beginnings . . .

TEAMS for Medical Missions came into existence in 1990 through the vision of a pastor, John Jameson, and physician, John M. Kauffman, Jr., D.O.

At that time, a unit of United States National Guard engineers was sent to Jamaica. The commanding officer saw that the people were poor and had very little health care. His concern and the efforts of his men resulted in the building of the Robins Bay Clinic.

The Jamaican government was unable to provide personel, equipment, or pharmaceutical resources and so the clinic stood unused until Pastor Jameson and Dr. Kauffman took responsibility. Robins Bay became the first mission outpost of what would later become TEAMS for Medical Missions. 

 Since then . . .

In the years since, TEAMS expanded to other towns providing free health care in government clinics and local churches. To date there have been scores of medical mission trips involving many medical professionals. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in medicines, supplies, and equipment have been donated to the people, clinics and hospitals of Jamaica.

From the beginning, TEAMS for Medical Missions has sought to meet physical needs and alleviate suffering. Its greater concern, however, has always been the need of spiritually lost people. This is because a person's spiritual condition affects his eternal destiny. The well-being of the soul is far more important than anything physical, and therefore, temporal.

Because of this, every TEAMS J-Team has members who give their entire time to evangelism and Bible ministry. Recently, the mission has added a house construction and repair component. These - together with medicine - support ministries that make disciples (Matthew 28:18) and strengthen the church while also showing genuine Christian love.

 Now . . .

Right now, there are two missionary couples serving in Jamaica. Harold and Teri Nichols and Randy and Sara Hentzel work with Jamaican churches to try to help them toward their God-given vision. Besides their ongoing full-time missionary work, they also host and provide direction for the J-Teams, remaining after these groups return home to preserve and also to increase the fruit of their brief visits. TEAMS House - the field headquarters located in the Mango Valley area of St. Mary Parish - provides living accommodations and is the base of operations for one missionary couple and for short-term ministry teams. It also hosts retreats as well as Bible study and training classes, Bible clubs and youth meetings.

 Looking ahead . . .

     It will take resources not yet available to meet our outreach and church strengthening goals. To "finish" the job will require more . . .

• Career missionaries   
• Regular intercessory prayer 
• Financial support 

Please contact us if you would like more information about these, and other, partnership opportunities.