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Healing the Body ~ Making Disciples ~ Strengthening the Church
TEAMS for Medical Missions


TEAMS for Medical Missions needs people who will pray! This is our greatest need . . . this is your greatest work!

If you give us your e-mail or mailing address we will provide the information you need for focused and knowledgeable prayer. Besides emergency prayer needs, you will receive a monthly Praise and Prayer Update and a copy of the quarterly newsletter, Vital Signs.

For those who are local to Allentown, PA, you will be notified of prayer meetings which are often held immediately before ministry trips.

We pray because . . . 

It is praying missionaries who are needed for the work, and it is a praying church who sends them out. The sort of religion to be carried forth by missionaries is of the praying sort. The religion to which the world is to be converted is a religion of prayer, and a religion of prayer to the true God. (E. M. Bounds)

Prayerless missionaries, prayerless churches, and prayerless Christians? No. In fact, nothing from Scripture or from the real life of ministry makes prayer optional or anything less than absolutely essential.

We pray because we must!