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Life Servant Features
Life Servant offers the broadest range of web site features available anywhere in one place. From building your site and changing its appearance, to publishing and sharing content and communicating with your site users, Life Servant cannot be matched.

Your Own Domain Name
  • Retain your URL identity throughout the site
  • Assign each page easy-to-remember names

    Multi-level Menu Displays
    Build sites supporting hundreds of pages with a navigation system to handle it. Easily create new sections as well as individual pages.

    Powerful Article Display Features
  • Display Multiple Page Articles
  • Create Related Article Links
  • Add Article Rating Polls
  • Article ?Teasers?

    In-Context Editing
    Arrange, edit, or schedule your content from within the context of your site?s display.

    Create Your Own Discussion Boards
    Engage your users with targeted discussions that you create and manage. Place each discussion either in a separate section or on a page with related content.

    Directory Building
    Create directories for staff lists, classifieds, related links, photos, or whatever you can imagine!

  • Scheduling
    Refresh your page daily with previously scheduled content.

    Quickly upload your images to your site?s repository, include them on your pages, or share them with other Life Servant editors.

    Lead your visitors to the content that interests them by adding an article ?teaser? to your page. The linked page is automatically created.

    Mailing Lists
    Keep your web family up-to-date by creating your own mailing list. They sign up for the list, and you can notify them when new content is added to your site!

    Customized Forms
    Create your own forms easily. Although Life Servant offers standard forms for user feedback, invariably you need to customize. Now you can.

    Provide customized content for particular individuals or groups.