Life Servant
Serving you so you can serve others...

Life Servant.

A Generation Beyond in Community Building Web Technology

lifeservant_230w_whtEverything you need to create a dynamic web site. From professionally designed looks to powerful content and communication tools Life Servant is set up to serve you. Powerful features found in high end custom web sites are now available to everyone. With sites and features priced to make this and easy decision for you -- let us walk you through setting up your own custom site. It's easy!

Editing, arranging, and scheduling your articles, images, directories is now a snap. There is no waiting for "the web guy" to update your site. You can manage it all through an easy-to-use non-technical interface. You can publish your content to other Life Servant editors and incorporate content made available to you on your site.

Communicate with your visitors. Use customizable forms, mailing lists, discussion boards and more to provide communication with your site users and between your site users.

Simple Hosting?
Become part of a interconnected community of sites, a community that allows you to establish relationships between those interconnections as you choose. Many providers offer "simple hosting". The result is a dead and static site. It means you have placed a few pages of content out into the Internet landscape. You are an island. Unconnected. Life Servant changes all that.

Life Servant has established a dynamic architecture allowing associations and groups to establish interconnected families of sites. The many varied tasks required to manage a series of corporate sites can be distributed to multiple users through advanced security and task control. Editors can edit and schedule, designers can manage layouts and arrangements, administrators can create sections, pages, and more.

This is all the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The Life Servant suite of tools is far broader than simple site building. Relationships are far more complex and flexible. Life Servant exists to strengthen them. 



Build Sites
Build Your Web Site Quickly and Easily

  • Personalize your site’s look with professional template designs offering hundreds of variations                
  • Maintain your site through an easy-to-use management interface                
  • Privatize your site with secure pages                
  • Create and update your site and content from anywhere via your browser

Manage Content
Manage all your content: text, images, articles, etc. in one place

  • Use the same content on multiple pages                
  • Control who can see or edit individual content                
  • Share content with other editors                
  • Distribute content updating and site maintenance                
  • Categorize content for easy retrieval

Strengthen Relationships
Strengthen life’s relationships through diverse, interactive communication tools

  • Implement one-to-one marketing principles
    through personalized content               
  • Create intimate communication channels
    through private discussion boards               
  • Gather wide audience feedback through custom
    forms and content ratings               
  • Provide targeted updates through integrated mailing lists

Life Servant Features Include:

  • Form Builder     
  • In-Context Editing     
  • Scheduling    
  • Mailing Lists    
  • Article Rating    
  • Directory Builder    
  • Event Calendar    
  • Message Boards    
  • Donations    
  • Online Store    
  • Content Sharing    
  • Metadata    
  • Articles    
  • Distributed Editing    
  • Custom Groups    
  • Management Console    
  • Layouts